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We are proud of the Clients we work with and as we progress through the 6 steps ,we are pleased to keep you up to date with the Progress.
Our Clients are happy to discuss their progress as their businesses and profits grow........

Client Up Date

Working with the Owners of the business we identified what they wanted to achieve and how they could work with the team to achieve it, may be even have time for Golf!. We identifed managerial inefficiencies in control and communication that were meaning that as owners they were "in" the business and not "on" it.

Reorganising the mangement structures and introducing new Contracts and Job Descriptions, we were able to ensure compliance and cost control across the business.


Realising the Owners need for NOT working 6 days a week and spending more time with the family and other projects was the key objective.

Putting in place proactive and not reactive management structures, clarifying roles and responsibilities and streamlining the am and pm process has resulted in an additional 4% on the bottom line an increase in franchise and 2 days a week off....result.




Laying stress free foundations for a Regionally based growing team to operate was vital. Setting up communication structures to ensure projects could be delivered simultaniously by specialist team members. They were so impressed they joined the Growing Your Profits team.

Clarifying exit strategies and defining a road map to deliver it was the main objective of a 90 day project. Recruiting a new management team, implementing new IT systems and redefining the Client base and service offering, resulted in a business that was best placed to develop with the added value it was always intended to deliver.

With more time to see clients and less time spent on back office processing the management team have been able to deliver more benefits to its Clients to become one of the South Wests's leading Tax Accountacy Practices.

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